the ny city speaks to me – 1

The Hiphop sign
no stopping anytime
not day time
night time
not on your time
and certainly not in mine
no stopping
no dropping your bag
and standing still
to pick it up
if you be dropping
there will be no stopping
at any time
just leave it
And if you don’t wanna
you know what to do
Bounce it out.
You can move about
move it, shake it
fake it
till you make it
guess that sign says it all
it’s the street’s call
not to stop
this is the drop
where they picked up
the hip hop.
move it, shake it
take it
from no stopping sign to no stopping sign
the curb is no one’s
In New York I took a walk from the Village to Brooklyn. When I saw words (a sign, some graffiti, something written in a window or a display, a doodle) I started to write something, while walking. And when I was finished the first new set of words I saw I had to use for the next text.