Mr. Smitten

There he was
purring like a kitten
who wanted to play,
Mister Smitten
And his short stay.
Like how a passing summerbreeze
can put your mind at ease.
Or dipping your feet in a pool
just long enough
until you’re
cool enough
to continue your day…
It’s nice, ‘cause it lingers
like Mister Smitten fingers
on my back.
And after leavin’
I could still smell him
for quite some time.
His scent on my neck
where he’d say
“I want you to be mine”
He stayed on me
’till the break of day
As close as my skin
and yet getting further
and futher away
That was the thing
It wasn’t even a fling
with Mister Smitten
– who I left smiling like a kitten,
It was
I dunno
for sure
A something
that happened
cool and summery
and could happen again.
easily breezily
Some day