the difference between a rock and a hard place

I’m a fool
I know
I trip over things
usually with a beverage in my hand.
Get in the wrong train
End up stranded, in the middle of nowhere,
Usually with the last train just left
I’m a fool
I know.
I have a nice pattern
of burnmarks on my arm,
of where I got stuck to the hot stove.
But if you want your boileg egg peeled when it’s hot
That’s not
a problem for me
Cause I’ve sure got asbestos hands
That’s the kinda fool I am
I’m a fool
I know
Trip into someone’s arms
And lose myself there
Add another burn to my heart
Even fall apart
Fool myself there’s no way out
of what ever cluster fuck
But I ain’t stupid
And I sure don’t need no luck
Cause I’m a fool
I know
That’s just my DNA
And in any case
I’d rather be a fool who lost it
than someone stupid
who let the chance of love
get away
on that last train.
Or like my daddy says
Now there you’ve got your difference
Between a rock
And a hard place.