a green field with just one daisy

I climbed up a hill
To get some distance
Between the way the creek cracked the valley
and what it did to me
I walked through the woods
that’s what I needed
To make it to the top all clear eyed
and rosy-cheeked
And when I was there
It felt like a lotta miles
between me and the last time I cried.
I knew I didn’t want to double back
Didn’t know where I was going
But I was on the right track
This path was mine,
even though it had no sign
I couldn’t even see past the first bend
so I picked myself up
and that’s where I went
Just when I was about to get tired
I smelt this fire
turned right,
And in the flickering light
Just of the road
There was a lumberjack
with a back
so strong
he could carry me and my load
for ever so long.
I climbed over the fence
walked up to this bear of a man
in a green field with just one daisy
Maybe it was crazy
But to me it all made sense