Hey you

Hey you
Just a note
before you’re off
into the grime
of the land
that’s stuck in time
the land of scattered hope
and broken backs
that need to cope
with the certainty
that there is no way back.
You don’t have to carry that weight.
You’re a rock.
To sit on.
A sea.
That lightens the load
but comes and goes
A tree with a branch strong enough to hang a swing on.
The wind’ll do the rest.
Hey you
Just a note before you leave
the land where even the dark is gentle
to plunge into the grim grey
of never being safe.
I know there’s so much to be done.
And there is so much you can do.
But there’s also
only so much.
You can.
For all those people
shards of dreams
in their hands,
‘Cause there’s always the fear
of their pockets being picked.
Their hands cut on the sharp edges
of a life they had to break
in order to take
some of it
with them
Their hands bleeding.
Hey you.
You don’t have to stop the bleeding.
You’re a rock.
To sit on,
so someone can open his hand and look at that shard.
You’re a sea.
so someone can wash away the dirt that got stuck on her one last dream
You’re a tree.
That’s there.
That’s strong enough.
Rooted enough.
In this world.
So someone
– for a second –
feel the wind
and keep hanging on
to that one shard,
that’s dear life.
Bye you
Be safe